What is the Chairman’s Award?

The Chairman’s Award is an award given at the Hawaii Regional competition. It recognizes a FIRST team that exemplifies the message of FIRST Robotics. This is a team that not only builds a great robot that plays the game well, but understands the purpose of FIRST, which is to provide the opportunity to any student to create and engineer so that they can go on and create things that will improve our lives. This award recognizes a FIRST team that, through community outreach efforts, provides opportunities for students and inspires them to create with robotics and STEM technology. It is the most prestigious award any FIRST team can win.

Broad Goals of the Kaua’ibots Chairman’s Award Team

  • Spread awareness about the Kaua’ibots team throughout Kaua’i
  • Obtain more support from the community
  • Obtain more funding for our team
  • Make sure our team is sustainable
  • Help create the opportunity to sustain multiple teams that will advance performance abilities at the competition
  • Be able to sustain multiple robotics teams around the island for every age level
  • Participation on a FIRST Robotics team is accessible to any student of any age on Kaua’i
  • Achieve sustainable funds for these opportunities to participate in robotics on Kaua’i
  • Ongoing workshops for Kauai’s youth to learn how to use robotic and STEM technology
  • Create opportunities for older students to directly mentor younger students
  • Have a student-driven team that can perpetuate the mission of the Kauai’bots teams

2011 Kauaibots – Chairman’s Award Video

2010 Kauaibots – Chairman’s Award Video

2009 Kauaibots – Chairman’s Award Video